Wednesday, June 21, 2006

still more on day 9

So there was plenty of debate on the PB's resolution.
Sources in the HoB tell me the debate there was "a
hatchet job", "very political", that there were
attempts to amend the resolution but that they were
defeated, that the PB was "spazzing out". 

Louie Crew spoke in the HoDep, saying he opposed the
resolution, that it "cuts the tongue out of the Holy
Spirit."  Other deputies supported it because it was
the best we could do, but my sense was still that
there was a noticeable split between the left and the
moderates.  This changed when PB-elect Jefferts Schori
came to speak to us.  She said, "I find the language
exceedingly challenging", but it's the best we can do.
This is NOT slamming the door on full inclusion of
GLBT folks.  "I'm committed to full inclusion, ut this
si the best we're going to manage at this point in our
church's history." 

There was an unscheduled moment of silence after her
speech.  Debate continued.  An amendment was offered
to put a time-limit on the 'moratorium' of GC 2009.
This failed.  The vote on the main resolution was by
Lay yes 72, no + div. 32; passed. 
Clergy yes 75, no + div. 34.  Passed

Our official 'moratorium' then, to be in compliance
with Windsor, is a weak-willed suggestion that we not
consecrate any more gay bishops, and an absence of any
statement about same-sex blessings.  I dont' think the
Communion will buy it.

The afternoon session will be a sleeper -- pass as
much as you can without thinking, just to get the
business done by the mandatory closing time of 6PM.

I haven't had a chance to review any other
commentaries on the convention, but I look forward now
to a chance to check them out, check them against my

Today for the first time there was palpable tension in
the house of Deputies, and that was only because the
PB and PB elect wanted something that the left wing
didn't.  the PB got his way.

Thorpus +

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