Monday, June 19, 2006

father thorpus: the beginning of day 6

Apparantly the Diocese of Dallas had an emergency
Standing committee meeting last night and communicated
afterward with their delegation here. This morning
the chair of their delegation rose to the microphone
in the HoDep to request immediate alternataive
primatial oversight.

I have it from a source in a purple shirt that there's
a suspicion that some of the orthodox bishops voted
for Jefferts Schori simply because she was the 'worst'
and this would push us over the edge. Others among
the orthodox voted for her over Parsley because
Parsely has been so 'mean' to the orthodox in his
diocese, and Jefferts Schori has less chance of being

More later. All the Windsor resolutions are coming up
in the HoDep today. Watch the site I referenced
yesterday for the current text and status of these.

Father Thorpus

Correction: it is the Diocese of Ft. Worth, I'm pretty sure, that Father Thorpus means when he says "Diocese of Dallas" in the first paragraph.

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