Wednesday, June 21, 2006

blogging the general convention

Three cheers for all those bloggers and blog support people out there who worked really hard to keep this general convention covered, to keep the orthodox abreast of what was happening, and to keep people in touch with each other. Whitehall experienced more traffic than ever during the last several days (please come back, friends), and I know the load on some of the other blogs was positively tremendous. In particular, three cheers to Canon Harmon, who was not only a deputy (I believe), but along with the T19 Elves, managed to keep T19 up and running with very few hicoughs... especially once the backup got going. Three cheers also, especially, to Father Matt Kennedy, who must be ready to keel over, to Father Binky and the CaNN folks, who posted prolifically, and always with a dash of well-timed humor. Three cheers to our friends at Lent and Beyond who mobilized us spiritually (what's more important?), and to the e-people at Anglican Mainstream and the Network. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Father Thorpus for some terrific reporting, and for one or two scoops! I know I'm leaving a lot of people out. Apologies. Thank you everybody.

You all deserve a few days vacation. And you certainly have my thanks and blessing.

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