Tuesday, June 20, 2006

father thorpus: end of day 7, beginning of day 8

I have sources in purple shirts who verify David
Virtue's allegation that the PB election was heavily,
even unduly, influenced by Bp. Bruno of LA.  Check out
VirtueOnline for details.  [Here is the link.]

The same sources tell me that the Network bishops and
those bishop who wish to be windsor-compliant are
meeting secretly every morning, often in the
afternoons, and occasionally in the evenings. 

Last night was debate on A160, the expression of
regret.  With an amendment that changed 'breached' the
bonds of communion to 'strained' (because they really
can't believe any communion has been actually
breached), the resolution passed the deputies.  They
began debate on A161 last night, which effects the
moratoria on bishops "whose manner of life represents
a challenge to the Communion" and on same-sex
blessings/marriages.  Debate continued this morning
with a substitution being debated right now (noon-ish)
to substitute in place of this reslolution another,
that is strictly Windsor-compiant, even quoting from
the WR.  We'll see how that goes. 

Word from the traditionalists is that this whole thing
is carefully orchestrated, that everyone knows we're
going to tell the Communion to go jump (and even put
outselves, with our 15 international member churches,
in competition with the Anglican Communion) and take
our new PB and go.  I'm not sure I see that happening
myself: Special Committee #26 swung pretty far right
after its big hearing, and the current Windsor
resolutions are very close to being compliant.  It is
a battle, in HoDep debate, whether to try and fudge
the issue again or go for clarity one way or the
other.  I think I see the HoDep being comcerned to
stay in the Communion, but I could be wrong.  Debate
is orchestrated to allow equal time, so it's hard to
gauge what the whole house thinks. 

More when i get the chance,
Thorpus +

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koenigsfreunde said...

Dear Thorpus,
Thanks so much for your hard work in writing these updates. I feel like I am at the convention myself.