Friday, June 09, 2006

a letter within a letter, about iraq

The following is from a email sent to me by a very dear friend, who spent two years in Iraq, beginning during the invasion. He worked in Baquba -- where Zarqawi was killed yesterday -- for about six months of that time. The letter relates, among other things, the recent murder, by insurgents, of my friend's translator and his translator's son.

The first part of the email (in italics) is from my friend's Iraqi contact. The latter part is from my friend himself. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Can't be too careful. Without further ado, and without further comment, here is the email:

Yes it was a great things happened here ,,Zarkawi is finshed ..everybody happy ..its a great step ,morning i saw things in eyes im not have seen before,,we have the hope now to go on and acheve more goals ..[a certain place] is a place where the evil one died .Some people still scare from his replacement ,but i think his killed ommit him as a symbol of evil .
This is improve a new good things also like the huge cooperation between people and US and iraiq forces ..this is why i see every day many people help by give information ..Today [child 1] and [child 2] sleep well after a a hard times killing by cut heads everyday ,bombibg iwas different than you left you know [Mohamed] killed with his son before 4 monthes ..Many many people killed...[A certain area] is a closed aera now ,,i think to catch more terrorests they will have a new operation her ..
We are in mid night now i will write you in the morning ..its good to hear from you in touch ..ok .have a good night

The man she refers to as [Mohamed] was my personal translator for the 6 months I was there.  Both he and his son were great friends of mine.  It was sad to loose him.  However, you probably won't see this in the news so I just thought I would give you a different perspective about the way the Iraqis feel about us over there and what this latest event has done for them.

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