Monday, June 19, 2006

an email from a priest friend who is usually in the loop

.... The General Convention seems to be heading as expected towards a fudged
pseudo apology and temporary moratorium
--though the liberals scored a nice move in getting the woman PB --they will
I am sure try to say that anti-women issues are now the real driving factor
behind the conservatives to try and distract people from the sexuality
--that is always what strikes one about the liberals they are so good at
keeping the agenda moving forward in one way or another such that when there
is a set back on one issue they instantly push on another --running circles
round the orthodox all the while and relentlessly pushing back the
boundaries. Mind you I imagine Henry Parsley is hopping mad as he fell
victim to the liberalism to which he has so tastefully sold out for so long!


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Johnny Awesomo said...

Thorpus, that is pretty awesome how Titus One Nine posted a link to your reporting. I'm sure WB is elated at having made the big time once again.