Tuesday, June 20, 2006

first installment day 7

WB is quite right. It was the delegation from Ft.
Worth, not Dallas, that asked for alternative
primatial oversight, on the suggestion and approval of
Bp. Iker.

In the morning I sat in on the HoB. Some resolutions
that bear watching are:

Resolution D067 - affirms marriage as man and woman,
no one ordained or consecrated unless faithful or

Resolution A014 -- eliminates bishop/clergy/lay quotas
for legislative committees -- this would give the PB
and President of the HoDep almost unlimited ability to
stack committees however they want.

Resolution D030 -- resolved... that we repent of the
institutional prejudice and injustice perpetrated on
individuals or groups on the basis of gender, age,
race, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. WE
reject any action that would give a wrongful witness
to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by enabling ignorance,
intolerance, and lovelessness. "Gospel" at this
convention is code for "social justice and radical

Resolution A132 -- seeks to eliminate the stigma of
HIV/AIDS partially through 'education' of our members
and elected representatives "with the goal of creating
knowledgeable, compassionate, and sensitive public
policy." Don't tell me liberal churchpersons aren't

More later

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