Tuesday, June 13, 2006

some prayers

Today I am packing some stuff, including books, in anticipation of the movers coming later this week.  While packing books, one gets easily distracted by... books.

I uncovered my copy of "A Melanesian English Prayer Book with Hymns" which I picked up while sojourning with the Melanesian Brotherhood (the largest religious community in the Anglican Communion) in the Solomon Islands a few years ago.

Here are some refreshing prayers:

For the heathen.

Let us pray that all in the world may coem to obey the rule of Christ.

Tell his Name to the heathen;

And the great things he has done to all people.

God of all the peoples of the world, remember the great numbers of the heathen who were made in your likeness but do not know your love, and because of forgiveness of sins through your Son Jesus Christ grant that the prayers and work of your holy Church may set them free from all heathen ways and from not trusting in you; and bring them to worship you, through him whom you sent to save us, who is the rising again from death, and the life of all who trust you, the same your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

And another one, from a Litany for Missions to the Heathen:

We pray you to bless the people of India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma and to lead them from the teaching of Buddha and Mahomet to the clearer light of the teaching of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ;

We pray you to hear us good Lord.

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