Thursday, June 15, 2006

gen con

In between bursts of sporadic packing and errand running, etc., I've been keeping an eye on General Convention. What are my thoughts?

I REALLY wish I were there, to be honest. I love all that big-doings-afoot atmosphere, what with all the running around, meeting people, networking, staying in a hotel, live-blogging, etc. etc. Its very exciting, and the excitement is oozing through the internet from those who are there.

Nothing terribly important seems to have happened yet. There has been a verrrrry interesting peace from +Tom Wright of Durham. And Integrity offered a press conference commentary (a link to an MP3 file), filled with tired, aging-1960's-come-of-agers, Ben and Jerry's style rhetoric.

Here are my top three picks for Presiding Bishop: (1) + Parsley of Alabama, (2) and (3) (can't decide which is 2 and which is 3) + Sauls of Lexington and + Jenkins of Louisiana.

Here is my glum prediction for Windsor Report affirmation: liberals will be able to fudge compliance enough to bleed off a lot of the opposition from the Global South (who are not monolithic). The conservative mass will begin to fall apart, and the falling-apart of it will be hastened by the rash actions of some. I believe there will be more AMiA type consecrations. And that will be the breaking apart of the Anglican ship.

Something like that seems to me to be the most likely type of scenario. I pray it won't pan out that way. We'll see.

Lastly, Whitehall does indeed have an agent inside Gen Con. I am working to get his communication link up and running.

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