Wednesday, June 21, 2006

father thorpus: more on day 8

So then they took up the Beisner consent.  The
committee recommended consent, seeing as how the
bishops had already consented.  There was a minority
report which is very well written and worth reading,
if you can find it somewhere online.  Kendall Harmon
spoke first from the floor, saying [paraphrased] "this
is a broken church, and a broken moment.  It's a
question of the wider church, not any particular
diocese.  This person could not even serve as a
priest, a priest, in the diocese of South Carolina.
How can we recognize him as a bishop?"  Those who
supported Beisner argued something like this: How can
you vote against that face?  He's a nice guy, we all
like him, we don't care in N. Cal. about his marital
problems.  We kind of like them.  He's a niiiiiice
guy, really, so let's just vote him in.  They
succeeded.  Rhetoric is dead.

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