Saturday, June 17, 2006

father thorpus: more on day 5

Some resolutions that are all either pending in the
HoDep or in committee (you can track the status of
these resolutions at

Resolutions to limit the introduction of new
resolutions to 60 days before the next GC.

Resolution D084 to commit us to closed communion --
only the baptized.

Resolution D013 -- Deputies want a voice in the
election of the Presiding bishop (right now it's just
the bishops -- similar to the election of a pope)

Resolution B031 -- a resolution to protect theological
minorities in diocese. If this is needed, has DEPO

Resolution D055 -- supporting the ACC resolution on
global warming. "Include enviornmental education as an
integral part of all theological training." did you
have room for that in YOUR seminary curriculum? put
that in place of, um, history, or maybe bible, or how
about sexual misconduct, as the 'cause du jour'?

Also this one asks us to 'revise our liturgies and
calendar (?!) and lectionaries (revise the bible?!) in
ways that more fully reflect the role and work of God
as creator." It also commits us to political activism
"before governments" to end global warming. I thought
it was the Christian right that wanted to mix church
and politics. This would mean it would be an official
church act to be a political activist -- shouldn't the
IRS have a say in this? would it threaten our status
as a tax-exempt non-profit? Surely this, if passsed,
will lead to a showdown with some circuit court

Resolution D073 -- The "government of the United
States be encouraged to grant asylum to those whose .
. . lives are threatened" by either being gay or
advocating for GLBT rights. "Resolved, that the
Episcopal church aid in the resettlement of such
individuals. . . " Again, wasn't it the Christian
right that wants to mix church and state?

More later.

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