Saturday, June 17, 2006

father thorpus: day five

Hi, Father WB. Hope your relocation is going ok. Here are
some thoughts on day five. I'm on a public computer
monitor with a 5 minute limit, so this will probably
come in chunks.

Day five reaffirmed my impression that the HoDep is
dull as can be. They've gotten the voting techniques
down ok, but there's still nothing going on.
Everybody's noting how tame it is thus far. THe
bishops, on the other hand, allow plenty of debate,
and they're actually getting stuff done.

For a church that talks so much about the sabbath,
you'd think we would schedule a lighter day on Sunday.
No such luck. Saturday's (today) a little lighter in
the morning due to the UTO ingathering mass, but we've
had a long legislative session in the afternoon, if
only the HoDep could manage to do more than consent to
legislation passed already in the HoB and run a few
elections in 4 hours. Actually, though, the elections
are really very important precisely because no
significant work gets done on the floor of the house.
It all happens in committee, even the weeding out of
candidates for PB gets done by a committee. If you
want to make a substantive contribution to the church,
committee is the place to do it, and do it with
impunity and no accountability, I might add.

gotta go. next one soon.

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