Tuesday, June 20, 2006

father thorpus: more on day 7

The AAC briefing included a report by Bp. Beckwith:
Jefferts Schoir was "the least qualified candidate",
had never been a rector. She is "the perfect person
to lead a dying church." Parsely, who came in 2nd,
did NOT vote for Gene Robinson's consecration, but
only, he says, because he was afraid of what would
happen when he got back to his diocese. On second
thought, said Beckwith, maybe HE was the perfect
person to lead a dying church.

Here are some quotes from the Episcopal News Service
press briefing re: Jefferts Schori's election:
"historic", "groundbreaking", "palpable sense of the
Holy Spirit", "with all due respect to those who
disagree, God led this." "Time and conversation will
take care of all concerns [in the Anglican
Communion]", "All barriers are down, all baptized
individuals have access to [ordination and the other

David Anderson said, "We will nto appeal to Canterbury
[meaning, I think, the panel of reference] a second
time. Justice delayed is justice denied."

Bp. Nazir-Ali was quoted as saying, "There are 2
churches under one roof. Schism HAS occurred."

More later.

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