Tuesday, June 20, 2006

father thorpus: still more on day 7

In committee debate, someone accused the AAC of being
funded by the Institute for Religion and Democracy.
The AAC briefing spent a lot of time denying this, adn
the president of the IRD spoke and denied it as well.

I think it's odd that they talk here over and over
again about how important our youth presence is, yet
we want to join the Religious Coalition for
Reproductive Choice.

Mission, for this convention, means the Millenium
Development goals. I can't type now what the nine
goals are, but I know they were set by the U.N. So
now the Episcopal church's great commission comes from
the United Nations, not Matthew 28?

[You can read about the Millenium Development Goals here.]

They presented the budget yesterday: all the speakers,
like peeping chicks hungry for food, wanted to know
why their little program had been cut. The answers
can be put into two categories: "It wasn't, look on
page X;" or, "I'm sorry, but making Justice and Peace
our #1 budget priority through the MDG's just didn't
leave enough for your program." One [liberal] deputy
got up and asked why a program that directly enables
her parish to minister adn evangelize received only
40% of what it asked for? Drew Smith of CT explained
that making the MDG's a priority took that program's
funding. Mission?

More later.

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