Saturday, June 17, 2006

father thorpus: still more on day 5

Resolution B006 is a toothless reslution supporting
seminarians with educational debt. If they really
wanted to help, they'd fund our educations.

Resolution A129 - The Episcopal Church is officially
evolutionist. it "affirms God as creator" adn affirms
that it's ok to believe ebolution; then it encourages
teaching "according to the best scientific standards"
(i.e. evolution) and seeks the assistance of science
experts to help us determine what really is valid
scientific knowledge. Ok, so I could care less about
evolution itself. What bothers me about this
resolution is that it seems to be targeting the
supposedly fundie right wing. This is aggressive
liberalism, not tolerant or cooperative in the least.
You know, of course, that 'valid scientific knowledge'
means 'tell us why the fundies are nuts' instead of
'show us the proper limits and boundaries of science,
and where the difficult boundaries may be between
science, philosophy, and religion.'

more later

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