Thursday, June 22, 2006

the liberal minority report

Does anyone know who or how many, besides Bishop Chane, are on board with the liberal minority report (A Statement of Conscience), dissenting from B033?


Derek the ├ćnglican said...

Here's Jim Naughton's report:
"A very emotional day today, which has left me wrung out. I have a news story up over on our main site,, but it is written for a general audience, and may not tell you blog visitors much that you don’t already know. We’ve also posted a copy of the letter assented to by about 20 liberal bishops. I say assented to rather than “signed” because the bishops demonstrated their assent by standing after it was read in a closed session of the House of Bishops this afternoon. So I have few names to offer.

Working with the drafting group on that letter (Bishops of Chicago, Newark, Northern Michigan, Rochester, Vermont, Washington, Wyoming) kept me busy for most of the afternoon, and has also delayed my process my thoughts and feelings about what took place today."

The whole thing here.

father wb said...

Hmmm... interesting. About twenty. It would be most helpful to the american orthodox's standing in the Communion (and with the ABC particularly) if the liberal bishops would go ahead and sign the thing and make it official. Conscience before politics, after all.