Sunday, July 17, 2005

more on sufjan stevens

Once again, I'd like to say that Sufjan Stevens is an amazing chap. (Recall that I urged you to check him out previously.) If you haven't done so, go out and buy all of his records, including his latest, Illinois. This guy seems to be a pretty profound Christian. Its especially evident in his album Seven Swans.

Here is a pertinent excerpt from an interview with Stevens at the Onion A.V. Club.

O: Also, you're Episcopalian, and growing up Episcopalian is not really the same thing as growing up, say, Southern Baptist.

SS: I wasn't actually raised Episcopalian. I go to a kind of Anglo-Catholic church now that I've been going to for the last three years, but I haven't really been raised that way. I'm definitely entrenched in the tradition now. I kind of admire it for being so traditional and sort of unchanging and unwavering in a lot of its doctrine, but also very sort of open and broad in its understanding of human nature. I like that it's kind of open to the discussion about the tensions between those two things.

O: No Episcopal youth camps in your past?

SS: I missed all that. I've read in a couple stories that I was raised Episcopalian, but that's not true. I think that's just people assuming things. In some ways, I wish I was raised Episcopalian. I was kind of raised hodgepodge.

Read the whole thing here.


Father Nelson said...

WB -

You can use any image you want - no problem at all.

Also - Sufjan's recordings are available on iTunes.

Rob said...


In the latest Rolling Stone, the lead album review article is about Sufjan Stevens latest album. Usually the lead review means that RS really liked the album (I think they gave it 4 stars). Anyhow, I had never heard of Sufjan Stevens until I read about him on your blog. After reading the RS article--which was highly favorable--I'm thinking that maybe I ought to check it out.


father wb said...

Yeah. Y'all don't neglect to buy "Seven Swans", and listen especially to Vito's Ordination Song on "Michigan". Its incredible. It moved me to tears once.

Leacock, how's life? Send me an email.

Rob said...


Yes. As I recall the Rolling Stone article spoke glowingly of "Seven Swans". I was a little impressed both with Sufjan Stevens and also RS. Usually RS picks some premier album by a widely known musician to review as their lead article in the music review section. It seems like they think pretty highly of Mr. Stevens.

Rob said...


Sufjan Stevens...Seven Swans...Beatific.