Tuesday, July 12, 2005

catholics and evangelicals - strange bedfellows, but bedfellows all the same

Because I have written about this before on this blog, here is further news of Catholic / Evangelical partnership, only this time its not among Anglicans. I would venture to guess that as little as Anglo-Catholics and Anglo-Evangelicals have in common, its nevertheless rather more than what Roman Catholics and Evangelicals have in common. That is, apart from the Holy Ghost.

Anyway, I find it encouraging somehow. Read the whole thing here. Thank you Fr. Harmon.

BUENOS AIRES, JULY 11, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Catholic and evangelical figures are finding a new area of common agreement: the need for mutual forgiveness for their disagreements.

That development marked the 2nd Fraternal Meeting called by Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics in the Spirit (CRECES) and held in Buenos Aires from July 2-4.

The meeting "was not an isolated event," both sides said in a Joint Declaration presented during the meeting. "Similar experiences are taking place and will continue to take place in greater measure in all the nations of the world."

Attending the meeting was Matteo Calisi, president of the International Fraternity of Covenant Charismatic Communities and Associations and founder and president of the Community of Jesus, a Catholic charismatic group that arose in Bari, Italy.

"I heartily encourage you to persevere in this path of praise and adoration, reconciliation and spiritual ecumenism which you already undertook last year," said Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, in a letter addressed to the participants of the CRECES meeting.

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