Friday, July 22, 2005

c of e house of bishops writes to billy graham

The Archbishop of Canterbury said that the House of Bishops had sent a message of support to Billy Graham. The message read: “On behalf of the House of Bishops of the Church of England, I wish to convey to you our sincere greetings and immense gratitude for your many years of ministry and mission, not only to these shores but to the world. We want you to know how much we have appreciated your faithful preaching of the gospel, and our Church, and many individual Christians, give thanks to God for all the visits you have so generously made to us over the years.” Dr Williams told Faith Hanson (Derby) that a proposed visit by Dr Graham in November had been put on hold, but the House of Bishops expressed the hope that he would be able to visit Britain again at some time in the future.

From the Church of England Newspaper, by way of T1:9. Read the whole thing here.

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