Tuesday, July 26, 2005

one sometimes wonders

Read the wikipedia article about the Rt. Rev. James Pike, fifth bishop of California. He was one of the first bishops bold enough to deny the virginity of the Blessed Virgin, trinitarian orthodoxy, and a number of other denials that are now rather pedestrian within ECUSA. Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco, calls him a "Spiritual iconoclast and theological pioneer, [who] helped to prepare the way for the church in the new millennium."

Was he a prophet? Well, he died prophetically... of hunger and thirst, wondering around lost in the Judean Wilderness. Sad.


Father Nelson said...

Actually, he denied the Virgin Birth - not the virginity of the Blessed Virgin. Many have uncouthly denied Our Lady's Perpetual Virginity over the years, but not the virgin birth.

Adam said...

He has always interested me...not that I would agree with very much that he said.