Sunday, July 24, 2005

the jury will now read the verdict

In light of all the comments (thank you, Beloved), I think that all of the labels hitherto invented are inadequate. I therefore decree that what once were called liberal and conservative, orthodox and heretic, theological republican and theological democrat, will now be called...

Lupsfargh and Snique.

Everyone should be happy with that. There is not pejorative baggage in the respective semantic fields. We are good to go.


J-Tron said...

I am offended that you would call me... er... whichever one of those that I am! How dare you give me a name that includes vowels! We all know such blasphemous letters are the work of Satan! Repent!

Adam said...

ROFL!!!! I eagerly await the use of them in serious theological discourse.

Not yet Catholic said...

So which one is which? There may be a problem here , if the new terms can only be defined in terms of the prior terms.

father wb said...


Okay, okay. You may be called sktlrtmqxb.


I can't wait either.


I forget which one is which. Maybe I will define them ostensibly and by negation. Let us say that I, WB, am a Lupsfargh. Those who are not-Lupsfargh are Snique.

Not yet Catholic said...

And, on the extremist side, I'd be willing to bet there are Star-Bellied Sniques (no doubt rejected by all.)