Friday, July 15, 2005

the escalation begins

Here is an exerpt from Bp. Duncan's comment on Bp. Smith's inhibition of Fr. Hansen. You see? I told you so. The inhibition does nothing good for anyone, and it will prove especially bad for the progressives. (I don't rejoice in that.)

Read the whole thing here. Thank you Fr. Harmon.

I say again what we all said in our April letter: At the March meeting of the House of Bishops we agreed as Bishops not to cross diocesan boundaries for Episcopal acts. But our agreement to this moratorium was based on other moratoria being observed as well as on the maintenance of status quo as regards actions against the conservative minority. Bishop Smith has again broken that status quo, jeopardized the future of a faithful Episcopal parish and taken steps that, if unchallenged, would end the ministry of a loyal Episcopal priest. I have no choice but to work with other communion leaders directly to challenge this action.

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