Wednesday, July 20, 2005

new links, etc.

Beloved, I have added many new links, all of which I urge you to investigate. I hope for good things from all of my new neighbors in the blogosphere. Of particular note:

Adam's new site, Anglo-Catholic Ruminations; The Rev'd "Lamby" Lucas's new site, Expectations (road trips and devotion to our Lady); then there's Rob Leacock's pensées au sujet de God's money; then there is this an extremely clever papist, Andrew Cusack and his welcome coverage of many of the things that make life worth living (maces, the Knights of Malta, unfortunate Brooklyn architecture, etc.). Then Ryan McDermott takes an intense-ish look at theology and literature. Richard's thoughts run much along the lines of my own when he rambles.

And there's much else besides. Don't neglect the very links, Beloved. If you've never looked at it before, investigate Oremus (even if they are seemingly Af.Cath.), and maybe pray the office for a week from the comfort of cyberspace. Read about Sewanee's controversial but fascinating history.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the link, WB. I have linked to you as well.