Saturday, March 19, 2005

sufjan stevens

seven swans
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Now, this is an Anglo-Catholic blog about Theology and Devotion (in the 21st century). It isn't my habit to do one of those "here's what's in my itunes playlist right now" things. That being said, if you are young (or not), and your tastes run to the musically "indie," then stop what you are doing and go out and buy Sufjan Steven's albums, especially "Seven Swans." This guy is obviously a bona fide Christian of some profundity. Some lyrics from his song "The Transfiguration" (he has a song called "The Transfiguration"!!!!):

What he said to them,
the voice of God: the most beloved son.
Consider what he says to you, consider what's to come.
The prophecy was put to death,
was put to death, and so will the Son.
And keep your word, disguise the vision till the time has come.

Lost in the cloud, a voice. Have no fear! We draw near!
Lost in cloud, a sign. Son of man! Son of God!

Perhaps just as incredible is the review of this album at I mean, how is it possible to get jaded, indie ironists to extol the virtues of intense, heart-on-your-sleeve Christianity? This is a cause for rejoicing.

Read the review; buy the album.

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