Tuesday, July 19, 2005

pray for the meeting of bishops in los angeles

Dear readers, one senses that we have come to a time when prayer is particularly urgent. Pray for the bishops meeting in Los Angeles, where the future of ECUSA will perhaps be decided, maybe inadvertently.

The meeting of the twenty bishops with the intent of finding a way forward (and, if not possible, a way to an amicable divorce according to rumor) begins today. What do we know? We know that Bishops, Bruno and Chane will be there. We know that Bishop MacPherson will be there. Rumor further has it that Bishop Iker may be there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jenkins is there. Bishop Duncan has been invited, and is coming, based on what I hear, but I also hear that he has told the inviting group that if there is any foolishness, he will be on a plane home, and quick. I’ve also heard that Bishop Lipscomb is one of the organizers, and will be there also.

From Drell's Descants. Read the whole thing here. And do pray. See also the discussion at T19.


Adam said...

What exactly is the stated purpose behind this meeting? Or is it just another dirt-flinging fest in purple cassocks?

father wb said...

Well, no one really knows for sure. Its kind of secret. Ergo the uncertainty about who exactly is attending. But from all accounts, it seems to be about bringing together conservative and liberal (reappraiser / reasserter, traditional / progressive, or what have you) bishops to try and hash things out, to try and come up with a workable solution to the current impasse. And, apparently, if they become deadlocked, they mean to try to lay the ground work for as amicable a split as is possible.

Adam said...

Sounds like it is doomed to fail from the very beginning. This is all very frustrating.

Adam said...

I am trying to put a link to your blog on mine but I'm not having much luck. Maybe we Anglo-Catholic bloggers should all have a secret meeitng of our own to decide what to do next...just kidding.


Father Nelson said...

Thought you'd like to know.. Bishop Iker will indeed be at that meeting.

The Rev. Thorpus said...

I'm not sure, but I think at least one of my bishops will be there, probably +Dan Herzog. Between him and Iker and some of the others, the orthodox should have a strong minority. I don't pretend, however, to expect the leadership of the meeting to actually get what's going on and why, just as they haven't gotten it yet.

It's probably good that the doors on this are closed. If the experience of the diocese of Albany is any measure, even orthodox bishops with a strong hold on their diocese are facing political pressure from folks who are uncomfortable with 'extremism' and who have pressed them for assurances all the way along that nobody would be leaving the Episcopal Church, whatever that means. It wouldn't do for weak-minded souls to hear all that it said among their graces. Better that they have the freedom of closed doors.