Friday, April 08, 2005

pilgrims improvising

pilgrims improvising
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One does what one can when one is on pilgrimage. [Why do I associate all the candles with JP2's death?]


Johnny Awesomo said...

Its heartening to see that the passing of the Pope from life to life has induced to you to desist from posting evangelical themed things and switch back to good, solid catholic posts. I was getting a bit worried for a while that I would have to come over there and do some persuading, medieval style.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Anonymous said...

It is nice to have the old WB back.


Anonymous said...

Whatever. WB is still rhapsodizing over the unbelievable amounts of air time that the Gospel has gotten in the past week. Seriously people, we should be praying for it and for all who hear and see. Praise the Lord, maranatha, etc. See what even the DEATH of a faithful servant can do???

Anonymous said...

The elementary proposition of this new philosophy which is now so threatening is this -- that in all things we must go by reason, in nothing by faith.