Friday, April 08, 2005

druid site

Here is OakWyse's website.

The whole story really amazes me. I do appreciate the forthrightness with which OakWyse renounced his vows. I would only have recommended that he renounce them before repenting (the first time), but I understand how being "outed" probably came as a surprise, and hindsight is always 20/20, etc. etc.

I wonder what OakWyse's wife is up to. I wonder what Bp. Bennison thinks of the whole thing.


The young fogey said...

Mrs (Glyn Ruppe-)Melnyk is still the rector of St Francis-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Philadelphia's far western suburbs (the western end of the famous posh Main Line, shading into farm country).

(Mrs M told the bishop she is Christian.)

The site looks relatively new based on the hits but very mid-1990s in style, colour, graphics, MIDIs and all. Rather pleasant in a 1970s mellow-pop, John Denver way but not Christian!

Somehow I don't think St Patrick would like seeing his Lorica paganized.

OakWyse/Mr M's copied the Rosary too, though I'm sure he'd say he's reclaimed it for 'the old religion'.

Real pagans sacrifice animals on rocks (a type of the Christian Sacrifice also done of course by the Jews in the Old Covenant) and actually believe in the gods they're praying to.

This strikes me more as well-meant New Agery: Christianity with the theology changed. 'Harm no-one' and all that.

(Cue Jon Lovitz voice as Satan: 'Why, erm, yeah... I'm a Jungian archetype, part of, errrrm, your true self... yeah, that's the ticket!')

It's cool that he's a bagpiper.

P.S. Nasty comment... what does the tartan for Clan Melnyk look like?

J-Tron said...

What exactly is "handfasting"?

father wb said...

Very good question, J-tron. I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Handfasting is a marriage ceremony.