Tuesday, April 12, 2005

bishop robinson

This is from Bishop Vicki Gene Robinson's talk to Planned Parenthood. Why is it always the case that support for "gay rights" and support for "reproductive freedom" seem to go together? Isn't that a little odd?

As a gay man, I find stories in both Hebrew and Christian scripture that have literally called me out. For instance, in the Passover story, I know what it’s like to leave Egypt, or leave the closet. The ancient Israelites, instead of finding the Promised Land immediately, wandered the desert, and I know, too, that life doesn’t immediately get better for you. At the same time, as a whole community, we’re getting closer to the Promised Land all the time.

Originally from Planned Parenthood, via Titusonenine.


j-tron said...

An interesting story and a good question, WB. I think the answer lies at least partially in the political and cultural polarization that has saturated the discourse in America about anything and everything. I don't have a problem with Bishop Robinson being for gay rights and being pro-choice but I don't understand why he would have to link the two, or why he would make statements in an interview that seem aimed at being inflamatory to those who would disagree. Calling pro-lifers "wild eyed conservatives" doesn't really help anyone who is interested in finding unity in the Spirit.

Father Nelson said...

Because if you can be depraved and innovative in the act which creates life, then you can certainly be depraved in its destruction.

But, if you are holy in the sexual act and the marriage bed, you will be holy in your regard to life. It is protestant conservatives that do the real splitting of the issues, not liberals or traditionalist catholics.

j-tron said...

Calling gay people "depraved" doesn't really help the cause of unity either. It only highlights the fixation on particular sexual acts which is at the unspoken heart of the current controversy in the Anglican Communion.