Sunday, April 30, 2006

tagged! a meme! a meme!

Via MM. I love these things.

Accent: I like to think its Robert-E-Lee Southern, but it isn't. I'm usually told I "don't have an accent," which means its probably General American. Except perhaps when I'm with my family.

Chore I Hate: Chores in general. Laundry is always irritating.

Dog or Cat: Definitely dog. I dream of a Chocolate Lab named Jeb, who one day will fetch my ducks, and keep cats away.

Essential Electronics: Laptop, cell phone (only phone), ipod at library and on airplanes.

Favorite Cologne: I don't know. Probably Spikenard, if I ever found it. Or something that smells like Christ Church Incense.

Gold or Silver: Silver chalices, golden patens.

Hometown: Griffin, Georgia; Portsmouth, Virginia.

Insomnia: sounds fascinating.

Job Title: Curate / Assistant Chaplain / Student.

Kids: see MM's response.

Living Arrangements: Boring. Apartment.

Most Admirable Trait: Not qualified to answer. Ask MM if you're interested.

Number of Sexual Partners: What kind of meme is this?! None, thank you.

Overnight Hospital States: None so far, Thanks be to God.

Phobias: Can't think of any. I'm not overly fond of snakes.

Quote: Nomine Conservus. Also: Si je puis. I guess those are more motto than quote.

Religion: Christian, obviously. Specifically: Catholic. Anglican. Episcopalian. In that order.

Siblings: None. A healthy number of first cousins, though, to many of whom I am fairly closely attached.

Time I Wake Up: It varies wildly. Lately around 8:30.

Unusual Talent or Skill: Juggling.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat
: "Refuse" is a little strong. I'm not very keen on cooked carrots.

Worst Habit: Who knows? Stubbornness?

X-Rays: X-Ray Vision! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Sometmes I put a dill pickle on a piece of bread, with mayonaise. I call it a Bachelor Burrito.

Zodiac Sign: I never can remember. Hippopataumus or something. That stuff is Satanic.


Drew said...

Silver Chalices, Father? Say it ain't so!

MM said...

Dearest WB, your most admirable trait is clearly your glasses, in as much as they uphold your sense of humor... or perhaps it's the other way around... I always wonder.

J-Tron said...

*Wretching in the corner at the thought of the "bachelor burrito"*