Wednesday, April 26, 2006

christ have mercy upon us

In my inbox this morning, from my school's email listserv:

Anyone interested in going with me on a one-day, all-expenses paid trip to
Washington, DC in August?

On August 28 (or thereabouts) I will be going to Washington, DC to attend a one-day conference hosted by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights. The conference is a meeting of leaders/representatives of pro-choice seminarian student groups. I will be going to represent (XXX) Students for Reproductive Justice, which is a group that kind of exists only on paper right now, but will be a living, breathing [bitterly ironical choice of adjectives there] organization next year. It will be an exciting opporutnity to meet seminary students from around the country who are intersted in reproductive justice -- and I would love the company (not to mention another person to brainstorm SRJ events for next year!)

Please contact if you are even tentatively interested.

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