Wednesday, April 26, 2006

from the interview with alice linsley

In case you missed it, here is an interesting excerpt from the Pontifications interview with Alice Linsley, a former ECUSA priest who recently (and very courageously) renounced her orders, having come into personal agreement with the witness of the Undivided Church on the question of the ordination of women.  Read the whole interview here.

I also think Ms. Linsley's second answer below is very astute and telling.  Feminism would probably not have been necessary if men had taken seriously and undertaken faithfully their responsibilities as men, as husbands and fathers, in the first place.

Question: Where do Evangelicals who support women priests go wrong in
your view?

Response: The irony of Evangelicals is that they say they believe in the
authority of Scripture but then allow cultural accommodation in their
interpretation of Scripture. This happens because they do not maintain
the proper tension between Scripture and Tradition, as did St. Paul and
the other Apostles.

Question: What made you go for women priests in the first place?

Response: The failure of men to lead in my family and in the
congregation. God uses those who are available and willing to serve.
When a generation of men fails in service to God, God allows females to
serve. This is his permissive response throughout Scripture and history.

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