Sunday, April 23, 2006

archbishop williams: 'doubtful mysteries blind us to real faith'

Let’s ask ourselves why we’re sometimes more comfortable with such
stories about conspiracies and stories about mystical gurus. Is it
perhaps because when we turn to what the Bible actually says, Jesus
challenges us pretty seriously? What if this is a story we haven’t
really listened to before? And what if everything could be different
because of this particular story?

That’s the question we ought to be asking at Easter. What if this
surprising character in the New Testament is not just another teacher,
another guru, but someone who really could change the world? Everything
truly can be different because of the real story of Jesus, the Son of

Well, that is the real front-page story, bigger than any story about
the discovery of a lost document and ultimately more exciting than any
number of conspiracy theories.

And that’s perhaps why the Bible story is still being told two
thousand years on, by people who have discovered that the world and
their lives really have changed.

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J-Tron said...

Amen! Archbishop Williams always seems to hit the nail on the head when talking about the way story shapes our lives.