Thursday, April 13, 2006

pentagonal, copper, peace pole

That is what is being installed in my school's Jeffersonian quadrangle. Can you think of anything better to spend thirteen hundred and seventy dollars on? I can't. Not only will it look great, but it can be used (if it please God) for Tether Ball too. The website very reassuringly asserts that the pentagonal, copper, peace pole is "made by an artist." Here is a particularly informative quote (from "an artist"?):
It is too easy for something like peace poles to appear to be an insubstantial fringe. So I make peace poles that legitimize the message, peace poles that are wide and tall and made of materials that exude substance and endurance, peace poles that will last long enough to be a legacy.
What a relief. I was getting so sick and tired of peace poles that "appeared to be an insubstantial fringe." I'm so happy that this one not only will "legitimize the message," but will be wide and tall and made of copper.


mmbx said...

Remarkable!! Y'all can finally resolve your differences, if you have any at YDS, around this astounding...u-m-m-m...thing. Beauty's in the eyes of the beholder?? Remarkable.

fantley. said...

Aside from the insidious political nature of the phallus, it is also the most ugly thing I can imagine. As the student body, why do we have to allow it to be erected? They already have Marquand, why do they need more?

fantley. said...

I think it should be inscribed with "Cowardice Trumps Bravery."

"Evil Occurs when good men do nothing."--Burke

Carmen said...

This is unacceptable!!!

Erection of a Copper Phallus in the fertile green Quad – the Womb, as it were, of Mother Yale – can be interpreted as nothing other than an act of violence.

I’m thinking of covering it with a giant condom as an act of protest.

MM said...

Carmen, I second you wholeheartedly. Maybe now we they will force upon us phalocentric candles too, instead of the womb-shaped things they give us at Advent services. Heck, might as well line the pews back up in phalocentric facing towards the oppressive Altar in Marquand! What in the world will be next... its the rape of the Quad is what it is. Huff.

James said...

Peace poles are a tradition that began 50 years ago, or so claims the website. I think we should think twice before criticizing the ancient institution of the peace pole.