Sunday, April 23, 2006

god or the girl

The A&E show "God or the Girl" just ended. I watched most of it. The guy I liked (pious, normal, intelligent, UVA alumnus) went to seminary. The two guys I didn't like, didn't. I didn't start watching it early enough to see the fourth guy, who dropped out I am told.

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Anonymous said...

It felt a bit too much like survivor or some other drivel. I do admit, however, that I only watched half of one episode, the one in which an 80 lb cross was carried some 20 miles. I understand and appreciate the idea that one's phsyical disposition can shape and perhaps tease out spiritual reflection. Notwithstanding, this seemed more like a "test." Whether he got the cross to the end or not was not the point: he was saturated in discernment. Whether or not that occured - and an epiklesis of the holy spirit obviously - is what viewers should have been attuned to. Also, I'm not fond of the dichotomy in the title.


father wb said...

Regarding the dichotomy in the title: its interesting that the only one of the four who decided definitely to go to seminary, the issue for him was NOT "God or the girl." There was no girl in the picture. It was just "priesthood or not-priesthood." Just a thought.