Thursday, March 30, 2006

a meme! a meme!

I've been tagged. What is a meme, the old people ask? Behold!

1. How many bibles are in your home?
2. What rooms are they in?
3. What translations do you have?
4. Do you have a preference?
5. Nominate an interesting verse

1. I count seven in my part of the house. (That doesn't include electronic versions. I think I have every version in an electronic format.)

2. All in my bedroom.

3. Two are RSV, three are NRSV, one is the Latin Vulgate, and one the Greek New Testament. I would like to get an Authorized Version (KJV) and a (New) Jerusalem Bible.

4. RSV. Although I had been enjoying working through the Vulgate, until I didn't feel I had the time.

5. I like John 19.30 in the Vulgate: Cum ergo accepisset Iesus acetum, dixit: Consummatum est. Et inclinato capite tradidit spiritum. I like it because of the rendering of "It is finished" as "Consummatum est." That'll preach.

Is there any point in tagging Canon Harmon? Does he stoop to this level? Worth a try. I'm rather curious.

What about Father Peregrinator?

Or Father Lee?

J-Tron will play. Right, JT?

Rambling Richard?

Garland will play too. Maybe. He's very ascetic now.


The Ranter said...

Memes, from my understanding, are community building activities. Since the Anglican blogosphere is a virtual community, its rather interesting to observe how this meme is spreading... Elizaphanian, who tagged me, is a priest on a tiny island off the coast of England...I'm in Michigan, you're in CT...
*humming "one bread, one body, one Lord of all..."

mmbx said...

Buy yourself a KJV and charge it to me for your birthday! Hold off on the New Jerusalem version... I have one you can have that I never use. Pretty translation, though. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FR. SON!

DDX said...

"Consummatum est." That'll preach.

Yes, it does! In the Greek it is a single, very powerful word: TETELESTAI! In the PERFECT tense, a word meaning to do something PERFECTLY...that DOES preach!

J-Tron said...

I'd be more inclined to play if you got the link to my blog correct. ;-)

father wb said...

Hmmm... interesting. Corrected.