Friday, March 31, 2006

the feast of blessed john donne

It so happens that the feast of the great priest, poet, and dean of St. Paul's, London, John Donne falls on my birthday (today). Ever since I had that revelation, years ago, I have had a special regard for him. This is from one of his poems:

We thinke that Paradise and Calvarie,
Christs Crosse, and Adams tree, stood in one place;
Looke, Lord, and finde both Adams met in me;
As the first Adams sweat surrounds my face
May the last Adams blood my soule embrace.

So, in this purple wrapp'd receive mee Lord,
By these his thrones give me his other Crowne;
And as to others soules I preach'd thy word,
Be this my Text, my Sermon to my owne.
Therefore that he may raise the Lord throws down.

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mmbx said...

Happy Birthday to you and Blessed John! I hope you don't grow a pointy beard like his!