Thursday, March 23, 2006

choose this day whom you will serve

Watch the video Choose this Day. It was, apparently, watched this week by the bishops at Kanuga not once but twice.

It really illustrates the fact of abject lay ignorance in ECUSA. And the ignorance of the laity about Anglicanism and the wider Church in general, is a vacuum that would suit the clergy, as it is a vacuum they may then fill with whatever they like: gospel as social action, feminism, catholic piety, whatever.

I imagine that liberals among you, my readers, will find the video very annoying. It expresses my views pretty well. Not with 100% accuracy or thoroughness, but pretty well.


texanglican said...

FYI, the Mass shown in the "Choose this Day" video was film at St. Vincent's Cathedral Church in Bedford, Texas (pro-cathedral of the dio of Ft. Worth), my home parish, during the summer of 2005. Unfortunately, they showed up on a day when we had our lowest attendance in months! We don't usually have that many empty pews at the 9AM Mass. Honest. :-)

J-Tron said...

My main objection to this video, other than its poor production quality, is summed up nicely by the Salty Vicar who said this...

"The other quibble I have is with the term 'alien gospel.' I don't personally see the conflict as only a pagan / christian one. I do see a pagan christian conflict, but as long as we decide that unfettered, crony capitalism trumps mutual aid, I think we're all condemned on that accusation. The conflict is between two different traditions. One is a tradition that sees biblical culture, when bounding sex, accurately represents the Word of God. The other argues that the gospel of forgiveness that saves us from the shame of being human, transforming us out of our sin into becoming the sorts of persons that can love. These two traditions are now in conflict."

See his whole post here: