Sunday, March 26, 2006

abdul rahman released

The Afghani man who converted to from Islam to Christianity and was sentenced to death for theat "crime" has been freed, thanks be to God. There is still a problem though....

Abdul Rahman and others like him still face the possibility of being charged with apostasy for converting out of Islam, an offense that carries a penalty of death unless they renounce their new faith. While Afghanistan's constitution embraces international human rights conventions that guarantee freedom of worship, it also codifies the role of Islamic Sharia law -- under which Abdul Rahman was charged.

Read more here. This illustrates the concerns that I have expressed before that Islam, as it is practiced by a vast swath of the Islamic population of the Middle East, as well as in many Western emigrant communities, is simply incompatible with Western Liberalism. And the fact that Afghanistan affirms international human rights conventions (i.e. codifications of Western Liberal ideology) and yet still setences people to death for conversion from Islam... this is the problem we face. How can we affirm their prerogatives of self government, when those prerogatives include a (democratically expressed) preference for killing infidels and those who apostasize?

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