Thursday, March 23, 2006

devotional objects

As you can see from the picture, friends, my devotional accountrements are cocked and primed. I recently fired up the little censor that I got last year (I had run out of charcoal). And there, too, is the picture of the all compassionate Mother of God that was brought to me as a belated ordination gift from a friend returning from Bethlehem. The icon was actually painted (or "written" or whatever you say) at Mt. Athos, though it came to me by way of Bethlehem. I like it a lot.


Adam said...

Where do ya order the charcoal? I'm looking too... thanks, Father!


father wb said...

Adam -

I buy my charcoal and inence at a local parish church. But you can order it here. I've never bought anything from those people, but they don't look disreputable.