Monday, March 27, 2006

in the day of judgment, good lord deliver us

When congregants receive Communion at the church of San Romero de Las Americas on the upper West Side, the altar looks like any other - except for a glass bowl full of condoms sitting next to the wine and bread.The church’s pastor, the Rev. Luis Barrios, sees a sacred duty in promoting safe sex among his congregants.

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Garland said...

Weren't we just joking about this the other day? Even the clean needle exchange. Apparently there is no absurdity which is not soon a reality.

Thorpus said...

>Using a strategy he calls the "tension ministry," Barrios is stirring up controversy again.

"Tension ministry" ?! What the heck!

"Sexuality is a gift God has given us," Barrios said. "We're trying to protect God's creation, and if you don't talk about it in Mass, you're sending the message that God and sexuality aren't connected."

Well, I agree with him here, except that I think this argues for more sermons teaching the traditional Christian sex ethic, not more sermons affirming free (but safe) love. But really, condoms on the altar? You might as well include the actual act of sexual intercourse in the rite. I saw a special on the history channel the other day on Satan, and they did a spot showing a Black Mass -- apparently the Church of Satan agrees with Barrios that sexuality should have a very visible place in human worship. Perhaps we have here the basis for a new ecumenism?