Friday, March 24, 2006


Dr Williams also defended his approach to homosexuality in the Church, saying he had been given a responsibility to care for the Church as a whole. “It really is wrong for an archbishop to be the leader of a party; in a polarised and deeply divided Church it’s particularly important, I think, not to be someone pursuing an agenda that isn’t the agenda of the whole. ”

Mr Rusbridger asked him about his being criticised for not being true to his beliefs. “Yes, I understand that and hear it repeatedly.” He said that moral leadership did not always equate with pronouncing strongly on one issue or another.

Read the whole thing here, and thank God that the Archbishop understands his role as the guardian of catholic faith and doctrine (catholic = kata holos: with respect to the whole), which comes to him and belongs to him only as mediated by the Church Universal, and is not subject to sectarian whims and vicissitudes.

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