Saturday, March 25, 2006

diocese of albany elects orthodox bishop

From an email from a priest friend:

today's election for the new
Bishop Coadjutor-elect for the diocese of Albany is
over -- winner is the Very Rev. William H. Love. You
can find picture, bio, info, etc. on the Diocesewebsite. He's soundly orthodox and a leader in our
healing ministry, and led our delegation to GC03.
This is a victory for othodoxy in the diocese and a
sign that charismatic renewal and the healing ministry
are here to stay.... There was one candidate --
Hunter --who was opposed to the ordination of women.
...but [after the first round of voting] was clearly not a contender...
Love apparantly spoke up during GC 03 against the
consecration of Robinson: his election is a sign that
the diocese wants firm, outspoken orthodox leadership.

Update: more information (picture of Father Love, vote tallies, etc.) can be found here.


Richard said...

If he supports the ordination of women, how is a soundly orthodox bishop?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was going to say the very same thing, Richard.
He cannot be called "soundly orthodox"! "Almost orthodox" is as far as it should go. This good word has been misused for far too long.

Thorpus said...

Just to be clear: the candidate who was opposed to the ordination of women is not the one who was elected. The Coadjutor-elect, Fr. William Love, supports the ordination of women.

Richard said...

Hence my question as to how Fr. Love can be described as 'soundly orthodox'.

father wb said...

Well, I think "orthodox" is a relative term. In ECUSA at least, there is active, mainstream opposition to the defenders of the all-male priesthood. Thus there is a sense in which those who are not against us are with us (e.g. +Pittsburgh, +South Carolina, +Georgia, +Albany, etc.).

Its not even clear to me how Fr. Hunter could possibly have been confirmed, even had he been elected, given that Gen. Con. 1998 REQUIRED all subsequently elected bishops to agree to ordain women.

Thorpus said...

I worried about that too. It was GC1997.