Wednesday, August 03, 2005

some amusing insanity

I wish Benedict XVI well. Perhaps the election of so conservative a theologian was a Catholic death wish. It was certainly throwing down the gauntlet to, in his own words, “a dictatorship of relativism … that recognizes nothing as definite and which leaves as the ultimate measure only one’s ego and desires” (NY Times 4/19/05 p. A9). I think he would do well to scatter large chunks of his authority among his fellow bishops, his priests, his laity and the opposite sex. The Episcopal Church is certainly more up to date. But, as Martin Mosebach pointed out, the Catholic Church “has spent entire centuries not being fully ‘up to date’ – perhaps especially at the time of its founding in an urban, enlightened, multicultural, atomized and individualized society that it slowly infiltrated and transformed”

Read the whole thing here. The general notion is that if only the Roman Catholic Church were more like the Episcopal Church, they would be successful.


Adam said...

Reason 423 to be disgusted with the Episcopal Church these days. I really don't know what to say to something like this article.

Becca said...

I thank God for the courage of the Catholic Church to stay strong and faithful to the Gospel, in spite of the condescension of many. Why anyone would think it was preferable to be more like the American Episcopal Church today is a puzzle to me.

Also, I applaud the courage and well-crafted comment of the Rev. T(sp?) who responded to yesterday's post in favor of Bishop Akinola's position on the discouraging decision of the Church of England made in the last few days. I especially thought his plea for us to listen "equitably" to the other two thirds of our communion, instead of ignoring their godly contribution, was instructive.