Thursday, August 04, 2005

another one bites the dust

From Fr. Cantrell at Apostolicity.

Anglican Priest deposed, but not rejected!
By The Rev’d William Ilgenfritz

(Swartz Creek, MI) This morning at 10:00am the Bishop of Eastern Michigan read a letter deposing Father Gene Geromel from the priesthood of the Episcopal Church.

Father Geromel and Father Bill Ilgenfritz, Vice-President of Forward In Faith North America, were escorted to the chapel at the Diocesan House. The Pascal Candle was burning and the Letter of Deposition was placed upon the altar. Following the reading of a rather lengthy statement by Bishop Edwin Leidel, stressing his “generosity” toward Father Geromel, the bishop and two presbyters (priests) signed the deposition on the altar and ceremonially handed it to Father Geromel.

Then Father Ilgenfritz read a letter signed by thirteen bishops to the Episcopal Church USA rejecting the deposition and licensing Father Geromel to function in 7 dioceses of the Episcopal Church.

More than 30 members of Saint Bartholomew’s Church together with members of the local press waited patiently in the lobby of the Diocesan House. The Reverend D.O. Smart, Dean of the Mid-Continental Convocation of the Anglican Communion Network, commented to reporters, “Bishop Leidel has asked Father Geromel to be disobedient to Holy Scripture and the Tradition of the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and to embrace a counterfeit Gospel.”

14 year old Samantha Holove, member of St Bartholomew’s, confronted Bishop Leidel, “Why is it wrong to stand up for Jesus? Why is it wrong to stand up for what we believe in?” Bishop Edwin Leidel offered no response.

For more information, please contact:
The Rev’d Keith Acker [xtk at cox dot net], Communications Director, Forward In Faith North America
“Upholding the Faith and Order of the Undivided Church”


Adam said...

Should "the Rev'd Keith Acker" be the Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman?

Adam said...

I have a story from Episcopal News Service up at my blog with more info, and a story that a reader linked in the comments. I don't understand this situation yet.

koenigsfreunde said...

You know the first thing I thought when I heard about this is: what's this? Are depositions/inhibitions now standard form in ECUSA? When did bishops start making 'discipline' a policy?

At least, +Leidel had the courtesy to do this without a draconian takeover of Fr. Geromel's parish. Still, I have no idea what the presenting issue is.