Thursday, August 04, 2005

intercessions for the church

For the Church Catholic.

Almighty and everlasting god, do wonders as of old by thine outstretched arm for the protection of all Thy faithful people; that our enemies may be crushed by Thy mighty power, and Thou mayest keep us undisturbed in the exercise of catholic faith and christian life; through &c.

For ECUSA (adapted from "For the Church of England").

O Lord, we beseech Thee to visit with Thy grace and heavenly benediction the Anglican Church in this land. Give to our bishops and pastors (. . . . . .), wisdom and holiness, and unwearied zeal for souls. Forgive the sins of Thy people, and bestow upon us the increase of faith, hope, and love. Grant us to be all of one heart and one mind, that we may diligently do Thy will and show forth Thy glory before the world; through &c.

The Church in which I live.

O merciful God, bless this particular Church in which I live; make it, and all the members of it, sound in faith and holy in life, that they may serve Thee and Thou bless them.

For Courage in the Clergy.

O God of peace and truth, rebuke the spirit of antichrist, lawlessness, and discord, which is ready to break in upon this church and nation; restrain its abettors, and give grace to all who minister in Thy name (. . . . . . . ), that, like faithful servants and soldiers of Jesus Christ Thy Son, they may stand in the breach, and omit no part of their duty in this day of danger; through &c.

(From Sursum Corda: A Handbook of Intercession and Thanksgiving)

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