Saturday, August 27, 2005


“We’re trying to secure everything at St. Andrew’s, New Orleans, which
includes church, day school buildings, parish house, parish hall.
The tougher challenge is facing again the terrible decision about
evacuation. Churches have been enlisted by the state to urge
evacuation, because a Category 4 storm hitting New Orleans could put
us under 18 feet of water for weeks. “Think Pompeii” they said.
Trouble is, there are too few roads leading out and many can’t leave– older persons and those who care for them, people in nursing homes,
hospitals, etc.. Mandatory evacuation is not possible here–a dilemma
for anyone in the path of such potential destruction. Please to pray
for all of us in the path of Katrina.”

From T1:9. Thanks Fr. Harmon.

Lord deliver them from storm and tempest, and from defilement of any kind. Give your angels charge over them. Holy Mary, pray for them. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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