Friday, August 05, 2005

more on michigan and partial blogroll roundup

Greetings from Boston, Beloved. Personal matters have called me deeper into New England. But so as not to let the pace slacken, here are some resources.

First, many documents partaining to the Michigan Matter, from Thinking Anglicans.

There is news, too, from Forward in Faith here.

There are also some helpful Ruminations, brought to us by Adam, here.

T1:9, as usual, has lots of snizzle-dizzle in an Evangelical vein. Here is the T1:9 Michigan commentary.

Lastly, read what ++Nigeria has to say here. It is, as Dcn. Thropus has suggested, more temperate than I expected. Still rather warm though.

Incidentally, one of the things that annoys me most about ++Akinola (don't get me wrong, I like him alright, especially the substance of his faith) is that David Virtue fawns over him so much. Virtue can be such a blowhard. I do subscribe to Virtuosity, for news reasons, but I really think Virtue sometimes does more harm than good. And I don't like the notion of all these conservative Evangelicals creeping around, behind the scenes, plotting stuff.

Anyway, I bestow upon you all my diaconal greeting. From Boston...

Sancto Nomine, servus,


Rob said...


Saw this article on ESPN's website about the passing of Coach Horace Moore at the University of the South:


Adam said...

Yes, I will not have much to do with Mr. Virtue, if that is his real name. He seems to make up more news (ie the tiff between Griswold and Williams in Ireland, give me a break) than he does anything else. He also likes to fan the flames for kicks and stir the post of controversy a lot.