Monday, August 01, 2005

fascinating debate at pontifications

Thank you, Fr. Kimel. Read the whole thing here. Its about interpretation, dogma, authority, ECUSA, etc. etc. Its in response to the Anglican Scotist's latest polemic against "winger-ECUSAns" called Radiating Disaster Triumphant.

A quote (Fr. Steven Freeman) from the comments at Pontifications:

The Episcopal Church, despite some of its traditional trappings, has long ago left the harbor of Christian tradition and sails on the sea of modernity. Thus, all it can see in the Scriptures is modernity itself, or passages to be condemned and ignored when they do not agree with modernity. As such, the Episcopal Church cannot speak to the world, because it is the world, dressed up as Church.

The Tradition of the Holy Catholic Orthodox Church is not a conservative version of what the Episcopal Church knows - it is something altogether different. It is a Tradition that finally can only be known within that Tradition, because the Tradition is the Life of the Spirit lived in the Church.

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