Monday, July 03, 2006

to return to that meme and the business of tagging

With reference to that meme, I hereby tag:

Jody (yeah: Transcendental Blues)
Father Nelson (we need to get together)
MM (specifically)
Father Cantrell (if he'll indulge this kind of frivolity)
Canon Harmon (yeah, right; but what if?)
First Apostle (I'm willing to overlook his disparaging remark about Hank, jr.)
Tex (I know its a bit out of character, but please?)

Please excuse me, but I'm not going to go questing around the internet to find out if anyone has already been tagged.  I would ask Dcn. Johnny Awesome-o (congratulations, Deacon), but (1) I don't think he blogs anymore, and (2) his  taste in music has become more esoteric than mine, which makes me feel threatened.


First Apostle said...

Already done it. The Ranter got me too.

texanglican said...

Just posted the song meme, Father. And I had not realized that you already had a parish to serve in Dallas. May God bless your ministry there. But do try to make our festal choral evensong at St. Vincent's on July 9th at 6PM, if you can make it.It would be a pleasure to meet you.

Johnny Awesomo said...

I am currently listening to "Human Fly" by The Cramps, a rockabilly group.