Sunday, July 16, 2006

liveblogging whimsy....

A very up-to-the-minute series of thoughts:

I am watching Black Narcissus. Compelling so far. MM is in Rwanda. Tomorrow is my day off. Here is a picture of me from Saturday, preparing to hear confessions:


Johnny Awesomo said...

Black Narcissus sounds just like some weird movie you would watch. I just finished watching the Man Who Fell to the Earth, starring David Bowie as the space alien. I do not recommend...too graphic. You would have to go to confession afterwards.

Call me if you would like to go to the baseball hall of fame tomorrow.

yo mama said...

The most beautiful priest ever!

father thorpus said...


Dude, Cooperstown is in my diocese. I can go any time.

Johnny Awesomo said...

We are going tommorow. I will call you tonight with details.
WB, please fly up from Texas for this. It is very important.